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All of the services and programs offered by Unlocking Futures are based on our Curriculum of Possibilities (CFP). CFP is an evidence-based model that has been independently evaluated by three Universities; Texas, Columbia, and City College. CFP uses a cognitive approach, and an ontological design aimed at altering one’s self-perception to allow for breakthroughs in areas of challenge in our lives or help establish new goals and a plan to accomplish them.

The Unlocking Futures programs have been shown to substantially and positively impact individuals aged 8-80, who seek to move to the next step in their careers, relationships or general well-being . The program participant may be at risk in some area or may simply want to experience a breakthrough to move to the next step. Unlocking futures will design and tailor a service or program that meets your or your organization’s needs. Courses can be co-ed or single gender.

Youth Centered

Woman to Woman

This is a 9 month program that provides unique support that enables girls 14-18 years old, teen mothers and teen girls at-risk of early pregnancy, to graduate high school/college, and defer the birth of their first or second child. In its most recent program year, through its partnership with NYC public high schools, Unlocking Futures served 50 teenage mothers, 85% of whom continued their education, and 95% of whom avoided a second pregnancy.


World Leaders

This is a leadership program for young adults who are engaged in the following questions? What is life? What is the purpose of my life? How do I design my life so that I contribute my best to my family, the community and/or the world? It consists of three sub-programs, Woman to Woman 2, School Based World Leaders, and Warrior’s Way.


Co-Parenting Course

This course is for parents 16-24, with children under 5 years old, some of whom may no longer be involved in an intimate relationship. Often parents have different parenting styles and standards and family histories that create conflict leaving the child in the middle. In this program, parents are paired with a trained coach who meets with the couple (both individually and together and if necessary, with the child) outside of the group class-room setting to work on strategies for cooperative co-parenting regardless of the families’ existing circumstances.


Quantum Leap

Conceived as an idea for an advance course in 2006, the Quantum Leap Process (QLP) is a successful annual event. It is a brilliant collaboration of the tools and practices taught in the Hoffman Institute’s Quadrinity Process with the distinctions of our Curriculum For Possibilities. We have taken QLP on the road to mix mentors and mentees from New York with our sister organizations in Phoenix and San Jose. The QLP extention is destined to continue with the intention to reduce the angst in the world.


Adult Centered

(3 month curriculum)

Parent Course

Many parents take this course with a concern about their “tween” or teen. Parents are reminded of and revisit their own childhoods to understand how their childhood experiences shape their current parenting style and to identify areas where they and their children can benefit from a change. Parents leave with a refinement of their parenting style, new values and standards for their future parenting.


Beyond Barriers

The goal of this program is to empower women and their children that have escaped domestic violence to break the cycle of on-going abuse. Throughout the program, the mothers are encouraged to find employment, enroll in school full-time, and look for permanent housing, while their children are in school. Unlocking Futures has worked with over 300 families, by reaching a total of 1660 children throughout New York City. 


Boys To Men: A Conversation For Women

From Boys to Men (a conversation for women) aims to shift the way women speak and behave towards men from one of negativity to one of power and possibility. We will have our words and actions produce able, capable and proud men. Men we would want to marry our daughters.
In the past 25 years Youth at Risk Unlocking Futures has worked with over 20,000 clients, offering transformational education. Transformational education allows individuals to discover for themselves, their private thoughts and limiting beliefs that when recognized may change their lives.
Unknowingly, these beliefs are formed in early childhood and carry into adulthood. In transformational education one learns that what you think determines your actions.
Of the 20,000 Youth at Risk, Unlocking Futures, participants 14,000 (70%) have been females. We have heard horrid stories from women, who as young girls had unpleasant experiences with one male. She then transferred that experience on to most men. Unfortunately they have passed their belief onto their daughters. However, they are blind to the effects this has on their sons, nephews, boyfriends, students, husbands, etc.
From Boys to Men – A Conversation for Women promises women will leave knowing how to empower themselves and all males.

More information coming soon.  



Services and Programs 

Services and programs are customized to meet the needs of each organization. We utilize a

20 hour curriculum that can be delivered in short days or longer days. 

Have a vision, project or a goal that you have not been able to advance?

Unlocking Futures coaching will:

  1. Get you back on track.
  2. Get you “out of the box”.
  3. Leave you with the skills that will help you be successful in other areas of your life. (See coaches)